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The whole point of most vacations is to getaway, unwind and relax. So what amenity can you add to any vacation rental home that will help your renters relax, that won’t cost you a fortune? The perfect amenity you can add to your list of amenities that will help paint a picture of relaxation is a hammock. A hammock is a great marketing tool to use in your advertising for your vacation home or villa. Even if you have a condo you can add one outback between two trees or you can even add one on most private patios of a condo or town home. You can also purchase hammocks that do not need trees or post to┬átie them up. If you decide to get a hammock for your vacation home, make sure you mention it on your website and in your emails to potential renters. They will begin to imagine themselves relaxing in the hammock while on their vacation. The best part is you get to use it too.