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If you know about Craigslist, you know it’s a crowded spot, not a place you want to blend in. Craigslist is crowded because a lot of people make money using it to advertise vacation rentals. If you use Craigslist correctly, you can make more than your fair share of bookings.


You may have read tips on “how to advertise vacation rentals on Craigslist” but it’s likely you haven’t heard of the Craigslist secret codes (remember where you heard it first!).


Below, I have included a list of “secret codes” that will make your V.R. advertisements stand out above all the of the other vacation rentals on Craigslist.


Here’s how it works. You will add these codes in your Craigslist ad title. These codes will create shapes to help highlight your vacation rental ads and make them stand out above the other rentals using regular font and text in their ads.


When posting your advertisements copy and paste your choice of codes in your craigslist ad title. You can use codes to create the pyramid, arrows and even the heart symbol. (maybe for valentines day special). Once your Craigslists ads are live on the site potential guests will see these symbols on your ads as they scroll through the vacation rental classified section.




1.  Symbol: ▲ Code:  ▲


2.  Symbol:  ▶▶ Code:  &#9654 ▶


3.  Symbol:  ▖ Code:  ▖


4.  Symbol:  ▆ Code:  ▆


5. Symbol:  ♠  Code:  ♠


6. Symbol:  ♥  Code:  ♥


7.  Symbol: ♦♦ Code:  ♦ ♦


8.  Symbol: ♬  Code:  ♬



Below is an example of how you can use these codes in your Craigslist ad title:

“▶ ▶ Looking For Hawaii Rentals? ▶ ▶ Want Breathtaking Views? ▶ ▶”



The code above will translate to the title below after being published with codes:




But it will look like this with no codes and in lower case:

“looking for hawaii rentals? want breathtaking views?”



Which do you think stands out more?


If you want to advertise vacation rentals on Craigslist you will need to differentiate your property. These secret codes will help your ads stick out like a sore thumb!


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