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8 Reasons Travelers Search The Internet For Accommodations? Why You Should Care


Its important to know why people do what they do. This is why I am listing a few reasons why vacationers use the internet to search for vacation rentals and plan their vacations. I believe if you know the “why” you can then learn the “how”. If you have a clear understanding of why travelers use the internet, you can then learn how to fine tune your vacation rental marketing.


8 reasons vacationers search the Internet first for their travel accommodations?


  1. Travelers Want Their Information Fast! Does your vacation rental website load fast? If your vacation rental website does not open up fast the visitors will likely just click off your website. Vacation rental websites that use flash or heavy coding can drastically slow down the speed of  your website.  You also want to make sure that the important information travelers want to know, isn’t buried deep within the pages of your vacation rental’s website. Remember vacationers want their information fast.  Are you quick to get your clients what they need?


  1. The Internet Is Easily Accessible. Cell phones put the whole world in their pocket and travelers can access the internet from nearly anywhere. Is your vacation rental website mobile friendly? If your rental website isn’t optimized for mobile phones vacationers viewing your vacation rentals website from their Iphone or mobile device  will have a hard time navigating your website. Visit your vacation rental website from different mobile devices to ensure you’re not losing visitors because they are having difficulty viewing your vacation rental website from their devices.

  1. There Are Many More Options For Travelers To Compare. Luxury Institute research revealed that, of the customers who shop for high-end merchandise online (, 78 percent of them did so in order to find the best price while nearly as many, 77 percent, did so to compare brands (BrandWeek) The top use for the internet is research. Do the research for your guests and then tell them about it. Do a comparative benefit anaylis. One of the options a vacationer has , is to book a hotel. Owners already know that vacation rentals rule, but don’t assume your customer does. Within your vacation rental website and advertising you should mention why your vacation rental beats a hotel. Also bring out some points that would help educate the customer on why your property is better.


  1. Travelers Want To Read Reviews From Past Guests. In my vacation rental marketing blog I recently wrote a blog  revealing some eye opening travel statistics. This survey revealed that 49% of travelers will not book a property if they don’t see reviews. Reviews give an inside view of what a traveler could expect if they booked your property, The truth is prospects don’t trust you but they do trust your previous guests. Let your past guests do the selling for you.


  1. Vacation Videos Vital & Viral. Vacationers have access to travel videos for even faster consumption of information. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, only next to Google, will travelers find your video on YouTube? Travelers like videos  because they can digest all the information about your vacation much faster than they could by reading about your property.  There are still way too many vacation home owners that have not created a video for their vacation rental, travelers would prefer a video! Videos can easily be shared with other people in the traveling party. Are you using video in your vacation rental marketing strategy?


  1. People Searching For Travel Want To See Pictures. Did you know the first thing travelers look for on a website is pictures. Travelers will make a beeline straight to your photographs, will they be impressed with yours? The quality of your photographs sends messages to people, make sure they are the right ones. 90% of the information that is transferred to the brain is visual so your pictures have a lot to say. If you don’t have alot of photos people will ask for more, they want to see everything! Get plenty of professional quality photographs to showcase your property.


  1. It’s The Most Informative And Comprehensive Form Of Research! Travelers like to use the Internet because everything is on the web. A traveler can find anything they need to know online. Travelers can search videos, websites, news, reviews and more. Use visuals like videos and images but include more than just your property, find interesting things to share with your potential guests. They want articles, tips, weather information,restaurants, discounts and recommendations. Create a comprehensive presentation for your guests and you’ll book more nights. Help them by providing them with information they will look for elsewhere. Keep them with you longer and they may chose to stay.


  1. Travelers Can Remain Anonymous. They can get the information and do their research first before having to contact anyone. Travelers go to the internet to conduct research and once they’ve discovered the information they need, they can then make a decision on their travel accommodations. Are you provided material on your website, emails and communications with information about the area and other attractions. Help them engage with you without any ties. Let them download a free brochure from your website and read your blogs. Give them information they can take with them without ever having to contact you.


This should be at the heart of your marketing. If you use this list to assist you in your vacation rental marketing you would have undoubtedly covered all the bases. Take a step back and look at your vacation rental website and vacation rental marketing, does it help your vacationers accomplish these goals? Will the vacationer have to go elsewhere to accomplish what they want? If your vacation rental website doesn’t your website visitors are having to leave your site to get what they want, and that’s a huge problem hurting your vacation rental marketing. Now go and do something about it!


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