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7 Tips When Furnishing A Vacation Rental, Villa Or Holiday Home

Many people who are vacationing have been saving for years to take a vacation so it is a very important event for them. The idea of a vacation for most is getting away from the stress of their lives and pampering themselves a little more than usual. Vacationers like to enjoy things they normally may not be accustom to. Vacationers are usually looking for better accommodations or at least equal to what they have at home.


1. Step Up Your Game To Compete And Win

The Internet has become overcrowded with vacation rental properties by owners and from property managers. There is definitely going to be competition in the online vacation rental market. Today people have so much information literally at their fingertips and many options readily available. What will make your property stand out from the rest of the rentals? A well furnished vacation villa will help to make your home stand out from others that are, just OK.

2. Everything In Your Photos Will Be Scrutinized, Make It Picture Perfect!

A picture speaks a thousand words, what will yours say?  All interested parties in booking your property will be reviewing your photographs. If you don’t have a quality vacation home with vibrant clear images of your beautifully decorated vacation home, your home will often be overlooked. This is a saturated market filled with available accommodations from hotels, B&B’s, resorts and other holiday homes, how will your home’s photos compare


3. High Quality Presentation = Higher Income Potential

When your holiday home is furnished to a higher standard your vacation rental will be considered by more renters for their accommodations. Travelers will perceive your property to be a cut above the rest and therefore worth more. Your vacation home will be more desirable and renters will be willing to pay more per night for a nicer villa. Make sure your furnishing are in line with the clientele you are looking to attract, if your property is being marketed as a “luxury” property then it should be exactly that. However if you are not a luxury villa you should use good quality but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the highest quality.


4. Design An Ambiance, Capture The Essence

The theme of your furniture package should be a direct reflection of the area of which your vacation rental is located. Consider what will be accepted more commercially by guests who are traveling to that area, and go with that! After all it probably is the environment vacationers are looking to embrace when they’re vacationing there.


5. Separate Yourself From Your Investment, We’re Talking Business Here

This is where I find that vacation home owners can make some very costly mistakes when furnishing their vacation rentals. The first thing I have to stress with holiday home owners is to  forget what you want. If you are 100% serious about successful marketing of your vacation home, than you need not to make it about your own taste. Your vacation rental needs to be treated as a business and needs to appeal to the masses.

6. Consider Purchasing A Turn-Key Furniture Package

Consider using a decorating company who specializes in furnishing vacation rentals. These type of furniture companies offer complete turn-key furniture packages to help you take on the task head on. Furniture package companies will know what type of furniture can handle the wear and tear of a vacation rental home. Some of these furniture companies can save you time and money as they often deal directly with factories.


7. Get The Most From Your Furniture Investment

If you go to a furniture store be careful that a salesman doesn’t talk you into getting something that is not practical for the vacation rental industry. Purchasing the wrong furniture will end up costing a whole lot more money in the long run. Buy good products they may cost a little more initially however they are actually less expensive when you think of the durability and life spans of the furniture.

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