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7 Best Vacation Rental Website Listing Tips

What if more travelers were focused on your vacation rental listings on websites like VRBO, would that help your exposure? Yes, we know it would but how can you get your vacation rental website listings read more often?

Think about it. When you pick up a newspaper 2 things leap out at you, the pictures and the headlines.
A headline that says “Murder at No.9” will probably get you reading passionately. Who’s at No.9? Where is it? Who was killed?
Now you don’t need to organize a crime at your vacation rental to get some headlines but you do have to have a good attention getter to help promote your ads.

1) Give your vacation rental ads a compelling and descriptive Headline

Watch your daily newspaper or magazine or even get on CNN and just scan the headlines. You’ll get the idea pretty fast. Modify an existing listing headline to focus on your property.
You need to say something in your vacation rental listing that’ll set you out from the crowd. Often this can be something about the vacation rentals unique qualities. Something you’ve got that all the others haven’t . Check out your local real estate catalogue if you still need more inspiration. You know, the ones with those beautiful pictures of properties for sale where the writers sell the property so eloquently.

Keep the listings headline short and punchy. Keep it less than 99 characters. It needs to grab their attention quickly. A three line headline wont get read, the first time round or maybe never. Yours needs to drag the reader into your story, make it compelling and addictive like a bottle of the most delicious wine. Make them hold on to the very end and then want more!

2) Keep facts out of the headline of your, vacation rental listing.

Once they’ve found your vacation rentals listing the search criteria has taken care of most things like the location, number of rooms, garages etc. No need to use the valuable marketing real estate of your headline for facts, its time to sell!

3) After the headline you then get to talk about the wonders of your property.
The design, the execution, the sun, the luxury, the convenience. Imagine eating breakfast in the glow of our giant golden elm tree.

4) Now move into the vital statistics

Outline each of the major rooms. The lounge, dining facilities, bathrooms, bedrooms and terraces.

Mention the amenities. Like in house washer, full oven, jacuzzi, bar, dining for 6. Separate toilet and waterfall shower.

5) Now’s the time to talk about what to do once you have settled in.

Tell them about the friendly, cozy bar on the corner, the ski lift at the end of the street, the secure parking behind the building, the train station over the road that will take them all over the city. Mention the massage at the shopping center down the road, the international shopping, the wine shop on the corner and the shows downtown.

6) Tell them about any special offers.

Book 7 night and get 2 free tickets to the Opera etc.

Read some of your competitors, vacation rental  advertisements. Their rental ads will leave you wondering why anybody would even want to go there.

Visitors come for the nightlife, the food, the people or sometimes they just want to get away, enjoy the peace in a paradise setting and not be hassled by the masses. Using special offers to events and attractions that travelers  enjoy is a great way to get travelers excited and make YOUR vacation rental ads more appealing.

7) Guests also want to know what equipment is in your property.

If they are bringing children they will want to know what they need to bring. If its just a couple they will need to know that all linen is supplied and the unit serviced regularly. If theres a gym, are there any sports facilities nearby? Can they go for a run or hire a bike? Once you start on these things its surprising what you can list. And the more you do list in your vacation rental ads the better the value potential renters will see for their money.

If you’re talking about the location and amenities  offered by your facility means they get lots to see and do and you get heaps of added value to your property. Visiting Rome , Paris, The Bahamas etc is largely about the fun of being in the area. Don’t miss any of the magic in your vacation rental listing sites. It can turn them away from other properties who’s owners aren’t selling their property well.