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6 Secret Steps for Sexy Content

Writing compelling content is much like dating, OK, not so much, but for the sake of this well thought out blog, we’ll go with it.  Here it goes….

1) Get Their Attention!

Before you can get to first base with your “date” you’ve got to get their attention. You’ll never get that popular girl or guy to go out with you if they don’t know you exist, get “her” / ”him” to notice YOU. Set yourself apart from the others, think, attention grabbing! You can read a blog I wrote on how I did it in a very cut throat industry here.

2) Use Your Best “Pickup” Line!

Once you’ve got their attention you’ve got to hold it. You can do that by using a powerful pick up line. I’m not talking about corny one liners like “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”. I’m talking about a well crafted “pickup” line, delivered by a classy Casanova with a sexy foreign accent, them kinda pickup lines! What am I talking about, you ask?

The headline! The title of your blogs are like your online pickup lines. Nothing gets you attention and puts more heads in beds than a powerful pickup line. Perfect the “pickup line” and craft one that works almost every time you use it, even on those really hot prospects you once thought were out of your league.   The headline of an article is the main factor which determines if your post gets read or not.

Your pickup lines are not just blog titles they are your email titles, social media posts and vacation rental description titles.  Next week I will teach you how to perfect the sexiest pickup line and become Don Juan with just 5 easy tips.

3) Get Your “Sexy” On!

If you’re going to be sexy you gotta look the part. All the prepping should-be done before you went looking for a “date”, making sure your website and villa are ready to impress is essential. A proper website is like a tailor-made suit on Channing Tatum or a slinky red dress on Kate Upton. It hugs all the right curves, accentuating the natural beauty.

If your presentation has put on a few pounds and has let itself go, then you’ve gotta whip it into shape and bring your sexy back like Justin Timberlake.

But, sexy is not just an appearance, it’s a state of being, you’ve got to be one with sexy to make yourself truly attractive. Now that you have their attention, you’ve got to draw them in deeper. You gotta say something, something interesting, sexy, exciting or alluring.

Set the mood and paint pictures with your words, help them visualize the experience of how it would be if they spent the night! Make them feel the experience by describing an emotion or a feeling ie. you’ll feel your  joints decompress and your muscles relax as you lay your weary body on the foam encased mattresses, each topped with soft supple Egyptian cotton bedding, it will feel like a warm hug welcoming you home.

When describing your property, use some adjectives (but don’t over do it). Tell them how the breeze will feel as It blows through their hair on a spring day ( something I can’t relate to), or how the sun feels as the rays bounce off the water and onto your skin, while you chill and relax poolside.

I once heard a women say, “it’s not so much what a man says when he’s trying to pick you up but more how he says it”. I think there is some truth to that. Chose your words wisely and describe the details of your vacation rental like a steamy novel.

4) Tell Them You Love Them. If people know that you care and why you do, they’ll let their guard come down and your sales will go up.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

5) Flirt & Tease

Your articles, listings and selling material have to be more attractive than a Vogue supermodel. Intrigue readers by “showing them a little leg” give them just enough to make them want to see even more, more of your great content.

When writing, give your readers what they came for and just as things get really good …… you require just one more step from them ie. click here, read more, reveal the secrets here, this technique is called the “Tease or The Takeaway


In my upcoming sales series I’m going to blow your mind in an article I’ll be posting about how to use the Takeaway Technique in your vacation rental marketing.

6) Give It Up On The First Date 

I have two teenage daughters (and one on the way) so I would never suggest this in life but for the sake of getting my point across, I dared to say it anyway!

OK, no one really likes a tease, it’s time for you to put out and give up the goods…. and with no strings attached either. You’ve created an attention grabbing headline and you’ve brought someone back to your “home”, so what now. It’s time to for you to give it up. Part of making your offer attractive is to offer something for free but not just anything, something that travelers desire to know or possess.  Give them what they want!

The promise of a free offer will give you power to lead and direct potential travelers/customers where you want them to go, your website, listings, blog or landing page. If they are travelers looking for tips then give them tips. If they are looking for recommendations, give it to them, maybe they want discounts to an attraction or a free travel guide, GIVE IT UP.

Offering up some goods for free is a guaranteed content aphrodisiac that will give you more clicks, visits, subscribers and of course more bookings!

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