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Pet Friendly Vacation Rental Homes Considered For Owners

If your a vacation rental owner you have probably seen other vacation rental homes stating they are “pet friendly”, but what does that actually mean? We will discuss what pet friendly should mean in further detail.. Pet friendly vacation rental homes seem to be very popular and in high demand as nearly 60% of all pet owners say they intend to travel on vacation with their pets. Pet friendly vacation rental properties allow pet owners to bring their furry friends on vacation with them. As a vacation rental owner we are always looking or at least should be looking for the newest and most effective form of marketing for our vacation rentals. Is this pet friendly vacation a good viable option for vacation rental owners? What does allowing renters with pets to book your home involve, I think we need to look at this closely. When you advertise your vacation rental home as being pet friendly it doesn’t simply mean you allow pets it should mean that there are some preparations that have been made for pets for example a fenced in yard is a feature that is desirable for pet owners. If your property already has a fence than it gives you an advantage in this market, however if your vacation rental property does not have a fenced in yard than it may be an expense that is too costly for you depending on the type of fence and the size of the yard, you wish to enclose.

In order for your property to be more appealing to vacationing families with pets you may want to consider providing other amenities for pets such as food and water bowls, pet toys or even a pet bed. Vacationers with pets may pay a little more for your property for the extra added benefits or amenities you offer for their pets. People who are traveling with pets consider their animals a part of the family you can easily notice that as they are spending additional money such as additional airfare or extra traveling fees to have their pets enjoy their vacation with them. So we need to understand that these owners have a special bond with their pets and we should put ourselves in the pet owners shoes to understand their position and gain insight on what would be more important to these pets and owners. Having a few extra amenities for these animals will also help you compete better with the other pet friendly vacation rental properties.

Also do a little competitive shopping and see what other properties are charging who are pet friendly, you do want to make sure that you are in the same ball park. If you decide to make your vacation rental home pet friendly there additional fees that are normally charged to renters such as an additional pet deposit usually anywhere from 250 to 500 depending on the property. Some vacation rentals charge a nominal fee per pet usually 10 to 20 dollars per day, again depending on the property and the amenities that are offered for pets. You can also charge an additional pet fee which may be something that is used to clean the property thoroughly after each pet has left to ensure your property stays in tip top shape.

If your going to rent your vacation home as pet friendly then you will want to take some precautionary measures and invest in a few things that will help keep your furniture and property in the best shape possible. One of the best options to use for the upkeep of your vacation home are furniture covers or slips, these can be removed and washed whenever needed and keeps your furniture from being damaged. When selecting a slip cover try to find one that offers a good barrier between your furniture and the slip it will help with other stains such as spills as well. A kennel or a crate is also a good option to have in the home as well. We will write another article in greater detail of things to buy for a pet friendly vacation rental property.

There are many benefits when it comes to marketing a pet friendly vacation rental home but there are several things you should consider before opting to go this route. Check into the laws in your state and or county regarding your liability if any and consider that there will be some damage eventually by pets, this is just part of doing business. However a good idea is to pre-screen your clients and ask alot of questions about the pets they are bringing. You also may want to have a size limited on the pet or have someone check on the guest to make sure all is well in the home while they are there. The other side of renting out your home as a pet friendly home is that you might receive complaints from other guests with pet allergies. Properties that have tiled floors are better protected against pet usage of the rental home as opposed to carpet or wood floors which can warp if there is an accident.

Consider the good bad and the ugly before making your decision.

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