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5 Traits Essential To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur In The VR World!


You’ve probably heard the saying “no risk, no reward”, right?

It’s no different when it comes to your vacation rental business!


1. “You Gotta Go All In” – Commitment


If you don’t risk some money, some time, and yes, even your reputation, you won’t be able to achieve your full potential.

There’s just no way. Things are evolving fast in this industry. If you don’t keep up, your vacation rental business might just fade into the background because others are out there willing to do whatever it takes to obtain success in their rental businesses. Are you all in?


2. Let Go Of Fear – Fearlessness


Go all in. Don’t let anything intimidate you. Commit yourself to your success 100%.

Don’t be so apprehensive and let the fear of failure get in the way of your success. Fight the fear of failure.

It’s the number one reason people don’t achieve their full potential in business. It’s the Entrepreneurs kiss of death!


3. Embrace Transparency – Openness


There are numerous reasons why you’ll want to be transparent with prospects and guests.

One reason for embracing transparency is that you’ll build trust much quicker than if you’re not open and upfront with people about who you are and what you’re offering.

Building trust makes converting people who are looking into bonafide bookings a whole lot easier. Trust me 😉

Some of you are private people, so I know it feels almost unnatural. You may not be comfortable with being transparent, but you will have to get over that. And pretty quickly too!

I’ve talked to owners and property managers who think that transparency could hurt their business, but really, in most cases, the opposite is true.

The idea of posting a profile photo of yourself and getting unfiltered reviews online from travelers is something that may be intimidating.

But… you have to put yourself out there and go all in! You have to let people see who’s really behind the scenes and tell a bit of your story to your guests.

Transparency translates into honesty, and being honest establishes a trust for your vacation rental brand.


4. Make Yourself Accountable – Accountability



Some of us may be concerned with getting a bad review and you know what… that’s actually a good thing.

Being transparent means that we have to perform at our best. Transparency pushes us to do better through accountability.

It’s actually a real thing called social facilitation. In studies, it has been shown that people often perform better when other people are present.

This philosophy of being transparent will be good for the growth of your business.

The truth is, when I started in this business, I didn’t want to put myself “out there.”

Admittedly, I was nervous about what could happen, but living my life in public, so to speak, has made me better than I was.

I felt even more accountable for my actions because the world is watching.

And honestly, that’s how we should run our business…like the world is watching.

I became more successful when I became more transparent about who Jay William really is, and what I offer.

I’ve grown as a person by making myself accountable to others.

Find ways to make yourself accountable by joining communities, mastermind groups, setting goals and sharing your goals with others.

Much like how a gym partner helps the other remain accountable for their results, an accountability partner will do the same for your vacation rental business.

What have you done to make yourself accountable?


5. Believe In Yourself No Matter What! – Confidence


Being an entrepreneur isn’t so easy. There will be pitfalls and roller coasters. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes doubt ourselves – don’t!

Believe in your ability. Do not listen to all of the negativity and naysayers. Never doubt how amazing you really are.

You’ll need to believe in your abilities because that’s exactly what you’ll need to pull yourself out of those tough times!

Don’t ever give up on yourself, your ideas and dreams!