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5 Tips To Raise Prices; Increase Vacation Rental Rates & Happy Guests

Would you like to be able to earn higher vacation rental rates?

Have you considered raising your vacation rental prices but don’t want to lose bookings to your competition?

I’ve put together a few steps you’ll want to consider to help you earn higher rates and prices, without losing out on vacation rental bookings.


1. Build Your Vacation Rental Business On Quality

Your first impression plays a big role in this.  If you demonstrate that your vacation rental business is a business of quality to your potential renters they can justify the rental price of the villa much easier as customers will pay more for a premium service or quality.  This is one big reason why you should make sure your transmitting the appearance of a professional, get your presentation in order starting with your vacation rental website, photographs and furnishings. Set the tone of quality from the beginning.


2. Point Out Your Vacation Rental Benefits

Make sure that you tell your potential rentals all about why they should rent with you.  Make it easy to visually see and easy to understand. Don’t assume your potential renter knows about the benefits of renting your vacation rental, tell them all the benefits.


3. Make Your Vacation Rental Memorable

Do something original in your home. Make your home memorable by doing something different in it. Now, different doesn’t mean crazy, well, I guess it could.  Just make sure that you keep in mind you need to keep it marketable to the masses, some homeowners create theme rooms,  add game rooms, theatre rooms, a jacuzzi etc. to help make their home’s benefits more enticing and their client more willing to pay for it.  Some additions can be done for a low cost while still producing a highly positive result.


4. Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Vacation Rental

You can make your home stand out and add value by doing something on a smaller scale like adding a BBQ grill and a game system. These perks are often important amenities for families and kids. Those games will help keep their kids busy while its grown up time, unless of course the grown ups are playing too. If you are offering more value than others and you tell your potential guests about that value than you have a greater chance of making the booking.


5. Excellent Vacation Rental Customer Service

Studies have shown that customers will pay more for better customer service. If you would like to keep your vacation rental rates as high as possible, you’ll need to bring your customer service to the highest level you can. With great customer service comes a feeling of safety for the guest. Your vacation rental prospects will feel safe in your hands and more likely to trust you with precious vacation if their experience of your customer service is excellent.

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