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5 Steps To Financially Sound Vacation Rental Investments & Second Homes

vacation rental investments


If you’ve been thinking of buying or maybe you already own a vacation rental, there are some proven business practices, you will need to incorporate in order to make your business maximize your profits and reduce your efforts. These steps are crucial to becoming successful with your investment home. No matter if you are looking to buy a vacation rental as strictly an investment or if your property is more like a second home; you shouldn’t have to pay for the expenses of your investment home out of your own pocket.


In order to have your vacation rental investment pay for itself, you will need to create a strategy for your rental property. I’ve include a list of 5 tips guaranteed to get your vacation rental or second home started on the right track for success.

  1. Tip: Diversify: In order to be successful with your investment home you will need to diversify your online marketing efforts. This is one of the reasons Villa Marketers campaigns are so effective. There are nearly 300 different advertising outlets and websites that are working collaboratively for the rental owners success.When diversifying its important to focus on high yielding advertising.


  1. Tip: Budgeting:  Set up a marketing budget and spend the majority of your marketing budget online, but don’t ignore offline efforts. Secondly determine all the expenses that will be created from operating a vacation rental, so you know upfront what you’ll need to generate the income you’ll need.


  1. Tip: Hire help: Hire someone in addition to your property manager to help you bring in bookings for your vacation home. Most investors/owners are busy investing, spending time with their family and they’re just too busy to work their rental business and devote the time it requires to keep the home booked.


  1. Tip: Plan for success: Okay you’re not Wal-Mart or a fortune 500 company but take your business serious. Treat your rental like a business inconsistency in your marketing can lead to investment failure. Set up a schedule for marketing and develop a plan and goals. Create ambitious yet attainable monetary goals and plan how you will achieve your objectives.


  1. Tip: Invest in your success: Don’t be one of those owners that are penny wise and pound foolish. It takes money to make money in this aggressive vacation rental business.  Know where you need help; don’t try to do things if you’re not good at them. Sometimes trying to save a few bucks ends up costing you thousands. When it comes to your investment home, you might spend a little more than you intended but you never want to feel like you spent less than you should have.

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