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Holiday Rental Advertising How To Stand Out

There is fierce competition in the holiday rental industry.  This is evident online with the numerous listing websites dedicated to holiday rental advertising.  As such, advertising holiday rentals is becoming increasingly difficult because of the growing competition.  That’s just the reality of being in the holiday rental business world; now consider there are hundreds or even thousands of properties offering practically the same thing. One reason why holiday home owners stress out is, it often seems impossible to make their holiday home’s advertising and listings stand out in the crowd. Holiday rental owners have their work cut out for them when advertising online as they have to compete with other rental owners and professional property managers with larger marketing budgets.

But before you lose heart, there is still hope to be noticed amid the sea of holiday rental properties.

Here are 5 ways to increase the effectiveness and visibility of your holiday home ads.

1. Don’t sell your property!


holiday rental renting tips

As insane as it may sound coming from me, this is actually a break from the norm and this tip will help to make your holiday rental ads stand out.  Actually you never stop selling, we are always selling even if your approach is not to seem like you are.

Holiday rental websites are popping up almost everyday and they are practically saturating the online scene.  Every one of these holiday rental website ads are designed to “sell” holiday makers on renting properties.  But instead of giving into the normal “hard sell” approach owners use in their holiday rental ads, be different and stop selling.  Yes, rather than just trying to sell your property right from the beginning, try a different strategy one which will be more productive.  When your ads are informative clients will know more about your property and you would have helped them along in the buying process.

When everyone is selling, and you break from the common rental ads, you will definitely stand out!

Tip: Try making your adverts and the headlines of your holiday rental ads informative as possible. Consider all 5 tips before creating your ads and headlines.

2. Target the Right Holiday Makers


Holiday Rental Advertising Targets

Let’s face it your rental property attracts certain clients.  So why not lock on to a particular niche and focus your attention on clients that have a higher potential of renting your holiday property.  Marketing holiday rentals to specific niches is far more productive than employing a generic holiday rental advertising campaign.  By narrowing down who your rental prospects are, you can use specific rental advertising strategies suited for your targeted market.  More than just targeting the right clients, you focus your resources on a niche or niches that will generate a higher conversion and yield from your holiday rentals advertising budget.

Example: If you’re property is a larger rental fitted for families create your presentation for families and highlight the benefits for children and or how they can spend quality family time together in your holiday home, you get the idea.

Example: If your holiday rental caters to golfers than create your ads with the idea of “whats important to golfers” and speak to them specifically with several interesting details about golf and the benefits your holiday rental offers them.

Tip: Consider who you are marketing to and create your holiday rental ads specifically for them.

Tip: Don’t try to convince everyone to rent your property with generic rental ads, they are less effective and diluted. Keep your holiday rentals ads powerful by focusing on your audience and their specific benefits. When marketing to a niche explain why your rental home is the right fit for them.

3. What is Your Advertising Objective? Do you have a plan?


Holiday Rental Advertising Plan How To Advertise Holiday Homes

Without question the purpose of advertising holiday rentals online is to get more bookings.  But you’ll have to get an even deeper understanding about your advertising motives.  One sound advertising idea is to create a plan to develop more leads and inquiries.  More than just focusing on the holiday rental think about your holiday rental business and create goals. Once you have goals in place you will better understand what is required to achieve your goals, then you can make important and necessary changes to your ads as needed.

As soon as you become specific with your holiday rental goals, the more you can create campaigns that will standout.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking about your holiday rental advertising strategies.

How much will you charge throughout the year?


What is your break even point, how many rentals do you need in a year?


When are the slowest times of the year for your rental?


How will you advertise your rental in slow seasons?


Will you advertise your rental to special interest groups?


What holiday rental websites offer the most coverage with the least competition?


Are there any niche websites such as activity based websites you can list your property on?


How can your own holiday rental website compliment your online advertising efforts?


What marketing tools can you use to give you leverage in the market?


Where is it you need help and improvements?

Here are just a few things to consider however the list can get pretty lengthy.

Think about your plan and your goals, if you need help ask someone for assistance. It’s a good idea to bounce ideas off of someone.

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail~Benjamin Franklin

4) Be Different!


advertise vacation rentals differently online

Have a look at all of the ads you might find on a holiday rental site and do something different. Try something that no one else is doing.

Unless you employ different strategies than your competitors, you become part of the growing number of holiday rentals that fails to get noticed.

Don’t blend into the crowd!

Many holiday rental owners are unaware that simply following the norm can be counterproductive. In order to stand out in today’s rental market; you need to be bold with your holiday rentals advertising campaigns.  Get creative and think of unique and appropriate ways you can be different. Think about how you can word your headings to be noticeable or use different images in your ads to help you get the attention of renters.  Put some thought into this one and you’ll see how you make more money than other owners.

5.  Call clients to act


advertising holiday rentals online

The most common mistake of holiday rental advertising is owners forget to call their rental prospects for an action that will lead to bookings.  An effective advertisement is one that will tell holiday makers what they have to do in order to book your holiday home.  Without a call to action, it simply is a description of a holiday home for rent.

Being seen in the swarms of ads for holiday rentals can be daunting.  But if you truly believe that your property can stand out, you need to make your campaign stand out as well.

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