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Why Social Marketing For Your Vacation Rental?

Did you know?

1.  Social networking is the #1 online activity in the US. (ReachLocal)

2. Over 50% of online consumers are more likely to buy from
businesses they follow on social media.

3. Nearly half of Internet users use social media in addition
to search when considering a purchase.


In this section on social marketing, I will briefly touch on a few key points about the importance of “friends” and tips
that will help you utilize social marketing better.

Social networking is a very dynamic subject. I can and will write more about social networking in the near
future, but for now, I will give you a little something to think about when it comes to making connections and friends on social networks.

Answer this question: If you could have your choice between a million dollars or a
million followers, which would you chose?

You might have chosen the million dollars. If you did, Gary Vaynerchuck, a social media
marketing pioneer, says you’re dead wrong. Gary goes on record to say, “Your
social equity is greater than your financial equity.” I find this statement to be
simple, yet profound.

The idea is that the benefits of having 1 million friends who are your loyal fans
are far greater than having 1 million dollars in the bank.

If you could squeeze just one dollar from every friend, fan or follower for something they really wanted, that would bring an
immediate return beyond the one million. Building on quality relationships with
your followers will develop loyal fans and multiple transactions with your

The deeper benefit is that one million followers or friends means your exposure
goes further than the original one million fans. Your messages will get more
visibility as a result of your messages showing up on your fans’ social network
pages. All of the friends of your fans will see your messages and links, too. You
could reach a gazillion people, depending on who’s following you. Seriously
consider the impact of effective online social marketing.


Tip: Use social marketing to help your vacation rental business. Start making more friends and you’ll make more money!


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