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3 Holiday Rental Advertising Tips

Advertise Holiday Homes Online

The high level of competition in some holiday resorts is often blamed for the poor results many vacation property investors achieve. This brief article describes 4 easy steps to get your home noticed from the rest.

  1. Don’t try to appeal to everyone – this is a very common advertising mistake. Just because you have a holiday home it doesn’t mean everyone who wants to take a holiday is going to be your potential renter. So, make sure you try to attract only the right prospects and gear your advertising for them.
  2. Advertise using benefits rather than features – Most other holiday home owners list all the features of their property in their ads. If you list your holiday homes benefits for your rental prospects you’ll make your house more appealing
  3. Don’t advertise a property instead advertise a holiday – Most owners market their holiday home and think of it as the ultimate product or service customers are buying. Instead, customers are not really interested in how good your property is but are more interested in what they can do with it.You must show your property as an element of a great holiday, which is ultimately what you should be marketing.