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I really enjoyed the holiday season so much and I hope you did too. I’ve got some great tips to start the new year and I come bearing some free gifts!

This is a great time for you to reflect on the year that has passed…How was 2015 for your vacation rental business? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Are you ready for 2016?

If there was even a slight hesitation to say yes then why not do something different and change your future for 2016 and beyond, but what?

As entrepreneurs, we should understand that our business is an extension and a reflection of ourselves. So while you may be like me and set a New Year resolution to lose a few pounds, don’t forget about making your business leaner and healthier too!

First tip of the new year…follow the money! 

While, having more money doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happy,  Money is the vehicle that helps to create the “whole” you. the better you, the wealthier, healthier, more fulfilled, more successful, more free and in control you.

In order for you to get where you want your business to go, you’ve gots to have resources freely flowing into your vacation rental business.

Focus on whats going to make you money. Don’t waste time tinkering with stuff that you’re not seeing a return on investment. 

Second tip of the new year…Evaluate your time vs. return. 

It’s easy for us to get distracted and get tunnel vision on things of our business that are not the highest priorities at that time.

While I don’t want you to forget about the guest experience and all the best practices, you need to remember that the money is the blood of your business. When you slow down the blood flow, your business begins to die.

With the unknown but inevitable change coming our way in the rental market we have to get better, become leaner and morph into higher earning producers but how do you do that exactly? Where should we start?

Well what are the biggest things that owners can do today that will have the best longest lasting improvements AND highest returns on investment for their tomorrowland?

Here is a list of the most important things I recommend managers and owners focus on for setting up their business in 2016:

  1. Your Vacation Rental Photography – most dramatic impact with low investment
  1. Your Vacation Rental Website Design – gives you independence and drives more sales to your rental
  1. Your Vacation Rental Logo – essential element to create a respectable vacation rental brand
  1. Your Property Video – extremely powerful tool you need to be working with in 2016
  1. This one is deserving of it’s own post…I’m sharing it with you next week!!!

In order for you improve your rental income, you’ll have to first focus on your product. And it all starts with your presentation and your brand.

That’s why I’m offering a very special deal on these tools to help you have a prosperous new year.


Buy a vacation rental professional photography package & get a free property video or logo for your brand. ($300 off!) 

Simply add the photography package to the cart and then add either the property video or brand logo (whichever you would like for free) to your cart, and input promo code FREEVID for the video or FREELOGO for the logo to reflect the discount.

Buy a custom website & get free content creation from a professional travel writer for every page you purchase. ($400 off!)

To get the free content, add the custom website of your choice and the content creation package to your cart and use promo code FREESEOCONTENT to reflect the discount. 

I’m hoping that all of you have a better year than the past and enjoy prosperity in your rental business and also your life.

P.S – FREE BONUS GIFT! I’m going to be releasing an entrepreneur course that teaches you how to do more, make more, and work less! And these are the four tools you will need in order to deploy some of the super aggressive and effective business and marketing tactics that I’ll be sharing with you. Stay tuned and engaged! 🙂