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2 Secrets Why Vacation Rental Managers Use Videos To Promote Properties


I am about to share with you a secret that Google and your competition doesn’t really want you to know about. Its a secret used to promote vacation rentals and other products globally. This technique gives an unfair advantage in the favor of on those who implement it into their vacation rental marketing plan.


Secret: It’s much easier to come up in Google search results for keywords with stiffer competition by simply creating a video on YouTube. Once you posted your vacation rental’s video, use the keywords you want your property to show up in Google into the description and title of the video.  YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine providing a powerful punch for your vacation rental promotion. YouTube is a high authority website that will be able to compete with the big guys for higher placement for tougher keywords in search engines. Put YouTube to work for you too and use the power of their website for your vacation rental.


Secret: Google isn’t fair! Now you know this, use it to your advantage! Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing or duplicate content and will often punish websites that stuff and abuse keywords, that is of course only if the site doesn’t belong to Google. That’s right, Google gives it’s own network of website like YouTube special treatment in their search results, even if they use practices like keyword stuffing.


Keep in mind that Google owns YouTube and that your YouTube videos will show up often in Google search results because of this.


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