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19 Reasons You Need a Vacation Rental Website Design for Online Marketing

The benefits of owning and developing a website for your vacation rental.

1) When you design a professional website for a vacation rental you have the ability to create a custom presentation that fits your audience. A custom vacation rental website design will offer a personal feel of your vacation rental, location or travel theme for your travelers.  For example; if your vacation rental is located near Disney World in Orlando you can create a colorful style which mimicing the Disney theme helping to transfer that excitement to your rental prospects.

2) Get free bookings from travelers finding your vacation rental website in search engines. Whenever you’re able to get free vacation rental advertising for your investment property it helps your vacation rentals bottom line.  Developing a vacation rental website designed specifically for your property will help increase your profits by eliminating commissions and reducing your vacation rental advertising expenses. Vacation rental listing sites are getting more and more expensive. Having your own rental website helps you get free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3) Earn more trust from renters because of a professional appeal. What company doesn’t have a website? This is what your potential travelers will think if you don’t have your own vacation rental website. These days teenagers have their own website so how is it you don’t? When your renting your vacation rental for profit you are asking for someone you have never met to send you money online. In many cases your rental customers will have to send you money from a different country. Travelers are already weary about sending their hard earned money to a total stranger, put their worries to rest by providing a professional look that says “we are a professional outfit” and “we are trustworthy”.

4) Outshine the competition by having an extraordinary presentation. When your vacation rental website design is cutting edge and designed with a professional touch, you’ll gain an advantage over your competition. There are plenty of vacation rental owners who won’t see the value of designing a top notch website for their vacation rental, this is your chance to pounce on them and steal their lunch.

5) Move renters away from congested vacation rental listing websites and direct renters to your own website. You know that vacation rental websites are jammed packed with vacation rental properties for rent by their owners.  If that’s not enough competition, vacation rental owner need to compete with property managers who also advertise their rentals on these listing websites. When one of these hot rental prospects lands on your vacation rental listing you should take them to a quite place they can look further into your rental.  This enable renters to  seriously consider your vacation rental without all the noise on vacation rental listing sites.

6) Hold the attention of your travelers longer. Let travelers view your home longer without the distractions of other homes or website ads. Your home can be fully admired with your own vacation rental website. You can really paint the picture for your travelers by adding all sorts of features and website tools to keep the potential glued on your website. It’s important that you add relevant information to your website that would be renters will find interesting. Useful travel information will keep them reading and engaged to find out more.

7) Customization. Beyond the initial customization of the website design, you can develop your website with all sorts of customized features to improve your vacation rentals presentation and customer experience. Add an eye catching slide show to your website header with rotating images of your home to draw renters in and get them anticipating the next photo. You name it you can do it.

8) When you design your own rental website it’s yours! You can control your own vacation rental website and change photos, backgrounds, text, and graphics any time you want, its yours.  Unlike vacation rental listing sites you have full control over your website, you make the rules!

9) Increase conversions when you add certain proven features within your website. The biggest benefit of designing your own vacation rental website is, visitors contact you directly from your website.  You’ll avoid commissions and referral fees for rentals you drive in from your own website and marketing efforts, so get as many as yo can. Unlike on other websites that are not designed well and are not good lead generators, you can use proven website conversion tips to make your website a magnet for inquires. There are several ways you can improve your leads and conversions. An example of a way you can convert more visitors into leads is  “Download our free Hawaii vacation guide”. This helps you get interested prospects for your rental to interact with you. Creating inquiry forms and placing them in their proper places within your website pages will ensure that you get more people to fill them in and ask you questions.

10) Track your results and traffic, see whats working and change whats not, adjust marketing budgets according to stats. If you’re not aware of what vacation rental advertising efforts really deliver bookings you’re missing your mark. Marketing without stats is like being blind folded trying to hit your target. You may get lucky once in awhile but if you want to be accurate and consistent in your vacation rental advertising strategies then you’ll need to know whats working and what is not.  Uncovering what doesn’t work can save you loads of cash from your vacation rental advertising budget by eliminating waste. When you know what works you can work on perfecting your vacation rental marketing strategies.

11) Use powerful vacation rental software to help manage your vacation rental bookings and business. When you have your own rental website you’ll make your life easier by incorporating professional marketing and management tools. Utilize an interactive online calendar and other tools to help you keep track of rentals and management tasks. Cut down on the amount of manual work it takes to manage your rental business. Automate your business and you’ll have more time to do the things you love.

12) Nothing tells your rental prospects what to expect from your vacation rental like a review from another traveler. Travel reviews are one solid way to get more renters to book with you. No one likes to feel the like the guinea pig. People don’t usually like to be the first to test something, they want to spend their money and know that they’re getting value for their money. Travelers will have many of their concerns answered through reviews. Reviews on your website are in essence mini like sales scripts from your travelers. Let your travelers sell your vacation rental for you add reviews to your website.

13) Adding a travel deal page will help fill in gaps and empty weeks. You can help renters fill in your dead spots in between bookings by offering an extra incentive to book certain nights you’re promoting. In many cases traveler’s dates are flexible and if you have a really good reason for a traveler to book empty days you want to fill, they just might. In our own market studies we have found that having a travel deals page added to your vacation rental website will increase the amount of inquires you receive.

14) Add useful travel information to help travelers book with you. There are many reasons why you want to add valuable travel information to your website. I mentioned earlier that relevant information on your vacation rentals website will keep your traveler on your site longer, which is always a good thing. In addition, having travel information on your website will help your renters get answers to their questions without having to ask you all the details.

15) On your website you should have a dedicated page for your images. Within this page of your site you should have a spread of all your photos. If your vacation rental is located in a resort add pictures of the resort amenities to your photo page. It’s important you take good quality photographs of your vacation rental and resort to get the full impact of your images.

16) You’ve designed a professional website, added some professional photos now really captivate travelers by adding a virtual video tour of your vacation rental. Video is like the real thing, video allows you to showcase your property in the best light possible. Show off your property at the best time of the day while the white clouds are skating across the blue skies. Let your travelers envision themselves relaxing  when they see the  Jacuzzi bubbling or watch the hammock swinging in the breeze. When you add a video tour to your vacation rental website you tell your customers alot about your business. You show them your resort and your property but they also get a little insight about you as a business. After-all a fly by night company would’t go through the trouble of designing a website AND a video tour for their rental, now would they?

17) Utilize social network buttons and marketing. Social networks allow you to keep in touch with your renters, build credibility and even earn new customers. If you have an online social history travelers can track and see you’ve been around for awhile. This will make them feel better about moving forward with you. Having social networks linked to your website can improve your website rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. An additional benefit of having social networks like Facebook and Twitter linked to your website is it allows your renters to get an inside view of your service. Travelers get a peak into what services you offer and how you interact with other guests. If you;re offering value to your social network your renters will take notice and make a reservation!

18) Automate your booking system and processes. Simplify your life by adding automatic booking features to your rental website. Wouldn’t be simple if your vacationers can book right from your website? Imagine if travelers can receive all check in procedures, directions, entry codes and booking instructions with a push of a button, its possible with your own website.

19) Blogging has never been more important  for advertising your vacation rental on the internet. A vacation rental blog allows you to keep your visitors updated with the newest information about your property. In addition to keeping your vacation rental prospects informed a vacation rental blog will also help you as a part your vacation rental marketing plan. When you create blogs about your vacation rental or related topics you make it easier for your vacation rental website to be found on search engines.  Every blog you create for your website acts like another page on your website. Each one of your blogs can target different sets of keywords. A vacation rental blog is crucial for advertising your rental online.

As always I am at your service if you have any questions please feel free to ask

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