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I’m sharing the stories and strategies behind 10 vacation rental logo designs and the brands that I’m working with. When I’m working with a client we take them through a process I call – BrandStorming. In this post, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what that process looks like.

My hope is that you’ll use these logos and brand strategies to draw inspiration from them and use the techniques for your own marketing and branding. I’ve created a short video all about branding and the BrandStorming process. Check it out!


10 Vacation Rental Logo Examples

vacation rental logo design for nashville travels

1. Nashville Travels


Nashville Tennessee otherwise known as Music City is famous for its honky-tonk, hipsters, and history. Since Nashville is world known for its music we wanted a logo that embraced that rich music culture. We also wanted to have a travel element baked in as a part of the logo design.  So, what you’re looking at above is an idea we had, to mix the two together and create a “suitcase guitar”. After brainstorming on the idea to create a suitcase guitar I was kind of surprised to discover they’re a real thing that actually exists – just Google it.

Considering your font choice is an important part of designing a logo.  You want your font to match and compliment your brand’s theme. The font we’ve selected brings in a country element supported by the two outlaw-style stars.


breckenridge vacation rental logo design



2. Breckenridge Mountain Rentals.


Breckenridge Mountain Rentals is a small start-up vacation rental company in Breckenridge Colorado.  As part of our branding consultation, I provided several options to Troy (the owner) for his brand name.  Troy’s top choice was – Breckenridge Mountain Rentals. It sounds like a strong and authoritative brand so we went with that as inspiration for colors and design.

The logo design ties in visuals effectively. It incorporates nature into the design by including forest trees, mighty mountains as a backdrop, a bit of snow and of course a large vacation home in the center of it all.

When designing Troy’s vacation rental logo we went for a classic type of look.  Designing a logo in a classic type of style can bring a sense of familiarity to your brand and help a new brand feel more established. We chose the color blue for the logo’s color because psychology studies have shown blue is a “trust color.” This is the same reason many banks use blue in their logos. We chose blue to support the trusted and authoritative feeling we were going for. 


maine vacation rental logo design

3. Maine By The Water.


An owner named Valancy recently contacted me to help create a vacation rental website, logo and memorable brand for her VR business. As I spoke with Valancy she began to explain her situation. She told me she owns two vacation rentals in Maine. However, the properties are not in the same area of Maine and she was uncertain on how to present the two different homes. After our branding consultation, I suggested to Valancy that we bring both of her properties under one umbrella brand.  Since the properties are different the best approach here was to find a common ground between the two properties. Once we honed in on that we’ll want to create a brand around the commonalities of the homes.

After taking a look at her property portfolio I learned that one of the vacation rentals she owns is just 50 steps from Old Orchard’s famous seven-mile white sand beach. I then learned that her second property is just 50 feet from the water’s edge of Lake Arrowhead. Since both of the properties are only steps from the water the connection was clear and the brand – Maine By The Water was born. 

In the design of her vacation rental logo, the goal was to include images that related to the experiences of each property. The images of the sandals and beach chair, whisper relaxing thoughts of soft sand sifting through your toes and relaxing beach days.

The hooked fish tells the story of “catching the big one” or the “one that got away.” It also brings to the surface the amazing fishing Lake Arrow Head is known for while the image of the kayak tells a more adventurous story. The branding here helps travelers connect with the benefits of being “By The Water” and why they should rent Valancy’s properties.

logo design mexico vacation resort

4. BVG Marina.


The BVG Marina is an oceanfront resort in Ixtapa Mexico offering privately owned vacation rental properties for rent.  We ‘re developing a brand new website for the BVG Marina but it’s not for the resort, rather it’s for one of its property owners. 

Stacy an owner of a property in BVG Marina wanted to help fight back against the changes happening in the industry and offer an alternative marketing solution for vacation rental owners. Stacy decided to start a niche vacation rental website for the resort where she owns her rental. Once completed the website will help owners at the BVG Marina market their vacation rentals online. Owners will pay for their listing and benefit from the niche marketing that will be done for them through the BVG website. 

We don’t use generic clipart for logos.  This truth becomes obvious when you see a logo like the BVG Marina’s design. What you see in the logo above is how the building actually appears from the outside. The BVG Marina building is known for its aqua color windows that brighten up the Ixtapa Coastline from afar. This brand association technique will help travelers make a quick connection in their mind with the website and the BVG Marina Resort.

costa rica vacation rental logo design

5. Atenas Vacation Villas.


I love the creativity that came together to create this vacation rental logo. The owners of Atenas Vacation Villas are Dianne and Steve Doughty. Dianne gave us some inspiration for her logo along with branding and design ideas.  She sent over images of toucans, butterflies, and hummingbirds, hoping we can work one of these iconic creatures of Costa Rica into the logo design. She was happy to find we were able to join all three into a logo for her. She said she loved it. Her exact words were – “it’s so Costa Rica.”

Dianne wanted a clear destination message designed into her logo. She wanted a traveler to look at the logo and in their mind make an immediate connection with Atena’s Costa Rica. She told us, “I see too many websites where you have no clue what city, state, or country a vacation rental is located. That is why we insist on having the Atenas, Costa Rica as part of the logo.”

I believe we helped make that destination connection for Dianne and Steve as well as for the travelers who land on theirwebsite. 

Additionally, Dianne wanted to include a promise as part of her branding. We included that for her as well in the bottom portion of the logo.


pigeonforge gatlinburg tenessee cabin logo design



6. Closer To Heaven Cabins.


You’ve probably read a few of my blogs where I talk about the brand Closer To Heaven Cabins. These folks do a great job with repping their brand. Not too long ago I wrote about how these two vacation rental owners generated over 300 inquiries directly from their vacation rental website. Their branding has without a doubt, played an important part in the success their experiencing, in the very competitive Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cabin rental marketplace.

The logo we designed forms a bridge, to make the connection in the mind of travelers with the idea of being “closer to heaven.” Closer To Heaven Cabins is a place where you’ll get a different perspective of the world. A place with sensational sunsets crisp mountain air and a God-like view of the world. It’s where you’d wanna be.

The visuals used in the logo helps travelers to put themselves in the picture and imagine the experience they could have at just a glance – and that virtual experience triggers an emotional reaction in consumers.


Thailand Vacation Rental Company Logo Design

7. Monkey Flower Villas.


Monkey Flower Villas is a vacation rental company in Thailand offering Boutique villas in Koh Tao. Their logo is interesting although black and white, it’s filled with colorful character. I especially like this one because it’s designed from a drawing given to us by the vacation rental owner – Lincoln Kroll.  

I can appreciate the uniqueness of his brand. It’s different, which makes it feel like something cool or at least cooler than the rest. It also helps distinguish the brand making their VR company more memorable than others. Lincoln shared with me that the name derived from his history in Thailand.

He told me that his Thai nickname was Ling (which means monkey) and he loved to climb trees and was a bit mischievous. He also explained how guests can climb up to the roof of their villa and jump into their personal pool. I consider Monkey Flower Villas to be what I call – a rebel brand. They encourage playfulness, adventure,  fun-mischief and go against the grain.

Lincoln definitely knew what he wanted with respect to his brand. He liked the logo design because it was tribal and true to his original thoughts and concepts. The logo we created is part of a marketing and re-branding strategy to improve the presentation and perceived value of his properties while capturing the fun personality and spunky vibe of Monkey Flower Villas. Look out for their new website, it’s coming soon.


florida vacation rental home logo design

8. Solterra Sunset


Solterra Sunset is a large 6 bedroom vacation rental house located in the Solterra Resort in Davenport Florida. If you’re not familiar with the area, the vacation rental is near Walt Disney World Orlando.

What you’re seeing in the logo above is a graphic rendering of the actual property. The owner Oliver Ballhatchet liked the large sun because it helps to tie in the Solterra Sunset brand name. The palm tree in the background also sets the scene for a sun-filled tropical vacation in a large luxury home.

Similar to example #4 Oliver is associating his brand with the resort which can help him with brand recognition and search engine exposure. With a brand name that has keywords in it, you have more opportunities to show up in Google for search terms related to your resort/brand name – ie Solterra Resort vacation rental.



timeshare vacation company logo design



9. The Timeshare Brokers


The Timeshare Brokers offer vacation properties for rent from the largest timeshare companies on the planet such as Wyndham and Marriott. The company buys, sells and rents timeshares – hence the name Timeshare Brokers.

They provide accommodation to nearly 100 resorts. The company is undergoing a re-branding of their presentation, which I have had the opportunity to spearhead for them. While they wanted to re-brand the business they didn’t want to lose their brand equity. What you’re looking at above is a cleaner more condensed version of their old logo.

There are times when companies should consider rebranding themselves, especially if they can make more revenue and improve their brand perception. Stay tuned to my blog because I’ll be sharing the full details including before and afters of The Timeshare Brokers rebranding transformation.


luxury curacao vacation rental logo design

10. Villa Surrender

Villa Surrender is a luxury vacation rental property on the colorful island of Curacao. If you look closely you’ll notice there’s a flag in this logo. It’s a white flag.

The owner placed a flagpole on the grounds of the property and encourages travelers to enjoy their retreat by following along in the ritual of raising the white flag and surrendering their worries and troubles to the Villa Surrender experience.

The team and I worked together with the owner Janet to get the details she wanted in her vacation rental logo realized. What you see is a very close representation of how the property actually looks. Janet wanted a logo that represents the property and its features, including the flat roof of the home, rounded openings and cliff at the edge of the sea. She also wanted to illustrate the common pink skies seen in Curacao and the majestic colors of the Caribbean waters just under the villa.


  • Thomas Cruz says:

    Very inspiring post Jay. Love the designs and the explanation behind their branding. It has got me thinking about my branding. I’m afraid I am missing the mark.

    • Jay William says:

      Thank you Thomas! I’m glad it inspired you. Can’t wait to show you some of the website work I’ve been busy with. Let me know what you think of those when I post them. If you have questions just ask. I’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

  • Valancy Harlow says:

    Thanks, Jay. We love our logo, too. Would love some other small budget, vacation rental owners ideas on how to use the logo on marketing materials. Guest gifts?

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