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Vacation Rental Marketing Experts


We’re the Vacation Rental Marketing Experts!

About Villa Marketers

There isn’t anyone like us. Based out of Orlando, Florida, Villa Marketers is revolutionizing the vacation rental industry. We pride ourselves in providing one-of-a-kind, turn-key marketing solutions for vacation homeowners and managers.

We’ve got the experience.

Let our knowledge and resources work for you. We have developed strong relationships with major players in the travel industry, vital to your success in today’s competitive market.

Through our years of service in the vacation rental market, we’ve heard the woes of short-term rental owners. We’ve heard their frustration over time and energy spent on services that produce little or no results. For some, the dream of their vacation home bringing them freedom does not materialize because it requires so much of their time and they are continuously searching for the one thing they need: BOOKINGS!

But you aren’t going to be one of those; you’ve found Villa Marketers! This is why we’ve opened our doors to help homeowners just like you.

At Villa Marketers, we understand the ins and outs and the ups and downs of the ever-changing vacation rental business. No more making costly mistakes, no more lost time and added stress. Let Villa Marketers be your vacation rental experts. We’re here to help YOU!

It’s a jungle out there.

Two hikers in the jungle startled a very large gorilla and it began to chase them. As they were fleeing, one hiker said to the other, “We must be crazy. There’s no way we can outrun the gorilla.” The other hiker (now turned sprinter) replied, “I know I can’t outrun the gorilla, but I only have to outrun you.”

The gorilla in the joke represents the ever-changing and challenging field of the vacation rental industry, while the hiker represents the competition. Today’s vacation rental market is becoming more competitive. But let’s face it; you will have competition in any field where there’s income to be earned.

As the joke illustrates, business is cutthroat and competition is fierce. However, we don’t need to battle the gorilla. All we have to do is outrun the guy next to us.

We make it easy for you and harder on the competition.

Our professional portfolio of products and services will work for you and help your home outshine your competitor every time. You will have your own professional property website designed with integrated virtual tours, as well as e-flyers and aggressive ad campaigns, all designed to keep those bookings coming in – with 0% commission to us.

Best of all, we’ll provide friendly support every step of the way, so you no longer have to go at it alone. We do everything for you, and we mean everything!

Why do I need a villa website?

When it comes to the information highway, don’t become road kill. We are living in the cyber generation. The number of travelers, nationally and internationally, who search for vacation rental properties online are astounding, and the numbers only continue to grow.

When you are planning your own vacation or trip, how do you find your accommodations? If you are like most, you probably research or book it online. If your vacation home does not have a website or an internet presence, how will these renters find your great vacation home?

Success is measured by whether or not your audience trusts you and is willing to take the next step with you. ~Bill Warner

Separate yourself from the riffraff. Your own professional property website will build trust in your potential renters by showing them you are a professional operation and deserve to be trusted with their business. Make your life easier and save time when you direct your clients to your website to answer their questions before they ask them.

Your website plays an important part in the success of your overall marketing strategy. Our talented IT department provides search engine optimization, key word research-power domains, aggressive ad campaigns, and much more to get your home noticed online.

Invest in your vacation rental success.

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes money to make money?” Christopher Cain, an experienced vacation homeowner and the author of Your Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream, suggests that homeowners have a marketing budget of approximately 10 percent of your projected gross rental revenues. You might increase this if you’re just getting started and have a poor occupancy rate, says Christopher Cain.

For example, if your villa rents for $1,000 per week (let’s say) and you’re shooting for 30 weeks of rentals, consider an advertising budget of $3,000. Or if your vacation home rents for $500 and you’re trying to increase your rentals this year to 34 weeks (gross rental revenues: $17,000), try a budget of $1,700.

If these figures sound high, remember, travel agents charge resorts at least 10% and a property manager may charge up to 30% for a single renter they provide. You can pay for your entire advertising budget with several new renters that result from your marketing campaign, which you would not have otherwise received. You may be able to reduce this budget in years ahead as your rental occupancy rate increases.

Plus, advertising and promotion expenses are usually tax-deductible (depending on governing laws).

We can save you time and money! Get more with Villa Marketers!

Previously, homeowners would have had to spend their time conducting their own marketing with limited resources. Not only that, but they would be left alone to figure out all the ropes of this tight-lipped industry. After all, who wants to share their tricks with the competition?

An independent owner standing alone has no pull in the vacation rental marketing arena. In turn, they must pay premium or retail pricing for every asset of their advertising efforts, with minimal effectiveness for their money invested.

Villa Marketers is actually in the vacation rental business, and being based out of Orlando, we are in midst of it all. Our company has partnered with some of the largest travel agencies on the planet.

Our success is your success.

Our objective at Villa Marketers is to get you bookings and to market your vacation home in any way that delivers results. Many companies may want you to advertise your home on their website and wouldn’t even think of recommending a competitor.

Anyone can place you on a website and hope for the best. But unlike those dime-a-dozen sites, we will reach an even wider audience for you by listing your home on exclusive vacation sites like Troll Traveler and Fantastic Vacation Homes. But we don’t stop there. We reach an even wider market for you by advertising on unaffiliated sites. It’s all part of our belief in offering the best type of service out there in today’s rental market for YOU!

Why did you buy your vacation home?

Was it for your family or self-enjoyment? Was it for financial gain? Whatever the reason you purchased your vacation home, you definitely didn’t buy your investment to have it consume your time and resources. Live the dream, enjoy your investment. Marketing is what we do!


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