Vacation Rental Video Marketing Strategy


Video marketing is extremly powerful! Get your property found in Google search results using the power of video marketing.

Below is one of my training videos labeled “Why SEO”.

Product Description

Video marketing is extremely powerful! Get your property found in Google search results using the power of video marketing.

Above is one of my training videos labeled “Why SEO?”

Congratulations on seeing the value that video has in your marketing.

Did you know that a secret to search engine exposure is videos?

To order this deal, you’ll need to have a video for your vacation rental. (Don’t have video? Order this video deal first.)

Now that you have a video for your holiday rental, you can distribute it online. What’s the benefit of submitting your video to video websites?

In one word…Exposure!

This video distribution deal will cast a net for your vacation rental online. This net will help you bring in travelers to your website.

When you order this deal, our expert vacation rental marketing team will upload and distribute your vacation rental video content to 29 popular video websites.

We will write a brief description of your video to help your vacation rental video get seen by the right travelers looking for a rental.

We will also include your website link in these videos to skyrocket your website’s Google rankings. One of your backlinks will come from a pr9 website. That will boost your vacation rental site, for sure.

With this deal, your video is like a vacation rental ad on all of the 29 most popular video sites. As we have mentioned before, travelers look on search engines first to find accommodations. Your video on these 29 sites will show up in separate search engine results for travelers looking to book.

An additional benefit you’ll get when you buy this deal is that your video will continue to be picked up or syndicated by other sites online. Over time, this will further increase your online exposure.

This deal works and keeps on giving to you over time!