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2016 Will Be The Year Of The…?

Do you remember just a few years ago how dramatically different the vacation rental industry was?

Doesn’t it feel like there’s been a huge snowball effect over the past few years? Is it just me or does it seem like the momentum of change is happening quicker every week?

The industry is changing fast. Now Expedia owns HomeAway, and it’s very likely that we will see the changes coming down the pipe very soon.

Part of the process of a business acquisition is to bring the acquisition into the acquiring business’s system.

So as Expedia begins to digest HomeAway, what will be regurgitated? Is it software? Is it old policies?

Will things get better or worse?

How will the hotel industry react and adapt to this change in the travel landscape?

In an interview with Eric Mason, he said “big brands are coming no doubt.”

Does this mean we will see more timeshare and condo resort development entering the market to compete in this VR sector?

Will 2016 bring more awareness and travelers to us all?

I’m asking everyone…experts, owners, managers and travel professionals to please fill in the blank-

2016 will be the year of the ______???_______

What’s your answer?

We all have different perspectives, experiences and knowledge, so please lets share them!

This is a valuable and worthwhile exercise for all of us to participate in.

A skill that successful entrepreneurs and business owners have to develop is the ability to “predict the future” of their businesses. We have to look at our surroundings, new trends and our current business trajectories to determine what will happen. If we don’t, we will let the current take us.

This exercise will help you think about what will happen in our vacation rental business and allow you to make the necessary moves to advance your business or avoid a potentially harmful situation, while sharpening your skill of business forecasting!

This should be fun… Now go ahead fill in the blank!

2016 Will Be The Year Of _____???_____

Looking forward to your comments!

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  • 2016 will be the year of the Boutique Vacation Home, wherein owners will emulate many design techniques favored by boutique hotels. In an ever increasing competitive holiday home market, successful owners will stylize their interiors for increasing their bookings.

    • Spoken like a true design optimist! Smart owners will become increasingly savvy designing inspiring destinations. Design is the most impactful ways to accomplish the mission. Design your niche- laws of attraction.

  • Josh

    2016 will be the year of the BRANDS!

  • Kingston

    Great post Jay its very thought provoking as usual. I hate to be the debbie downer here but I beleive that travel will face trouble ahead this year.

    2016 might be the year of terror.

    Unfortunately war is terrible for travel and with the recent tragedy in Paris it’s going to be devastating to owners in that region. With ISIS gaining momentum and releasing their “kill list” calling out their next target cities this may make 2016 very difficult for travel.

    • It’s not being a Debbie Downer it’s reality. The world is in crisis and with increasing global and domestic tension travelers are going to be re-thinking travel plans. For certain the European market will be hard hit. Perhaps new markets will emerge in “off the beaten” path locations. Domestically- I think we can prepare for the year of the “staycation”. Travelers staying closer to home & family avoiding densely populated areas. Unrest is not good for any aspect of life.

  • Really love this post Jay! Listing site independence, and building specific vacation rental brand awareness – building out the unique value each vacation rental owner and manager has that differentiates itself from one large listing site. Real engagement with guests using various forms of digital marketing to build a trusting relationships that keeps them coming back each year.

  • Jay another great thought provoking post! Thanks!

    I think 2016 will be the year of exciting changes in the way we take control of building our brand and engaging with our clients. The internet and email as we all know is pretty faceless, so we need to make sure we work hard to build solid and trusting relationships.

    Terrorism is bad period!! These senseless acts are sadly an unfortunate fact of daily life and whilst it can impact travel temporarily, it will never completely stop people from wanting to travel the world. The 9/11 atrocities most certainly impacted travel but what screwed everyone up was the property crash which in turn brought the global economy to its knees. Canada and New Zealand being a couple of exceptions.

  • Tyann Marcink

    2016 will be the year of increasing challenges. It’s easy to start a vacation rental property, but it’s a challenge to be successful with it. The changes in local and national laws, listing sites, guest expectations, and technology are challenges that every owner and manager need to suit up for and face.

  • 2016 will be the year that vacation rental industry goes mainstream. I can hear you say we’ve already discuss that and dismiss it. I see a few things happening as our industry goes mainstream.

    1/Regulations, standards will be enforced on everyone. It’s time to double check that you did complete and send back the registration form to your local authority. I am glad I did, the tax office ask for a copy this year 1st time. Safety standards are going to be the next angle of attacks against Vacation rental owners led by hoteliers. Let’s be proactive,by addressing this before it becomes an issue. I see property managers going after all new online entrants and self proclaim vacation rental property manager as they eat up their margin demanding that they are properly licensed to manage properties.

    2/ Huge opportunities for those offering and I’ll quote @disqus_wrVMHFLMQk:disqus”Boutique Vacation Home” as vacation rental becomes just another type of accommodations availabl. We’ll be able to tap into the business travel market: offsite meetings, corporate retreat, events organizers, business traveler who have a much higher budget than the regular holiday goers, no wonder Airbnb is actively courting corporate accounts. Expedia has exactly the same goal by the way except that they already have a lot of corporate accounts. Make sure to build some corporate partnerships for your vacation rental.

    We will also have access to a new market of wealthy individuals who up until now were spending a fortune staying in a suite in hotels and did not dare to book a vacation rental. For the poorly/ unprofessionally /mismanaged vacation rentals, they’ll have to upgrade fast or exit the market as guest expectations will increase.

    3/More stories to share here as there will be plenty of new entrants both on the vacation rental owners side and guests side

    Looking forward to 2016 already!

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