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I've used many different vacation rental websites to advertise my property, but haven't gotten the results I've wanted. What is the best way to advertise a vacation property?
The best way to advertise a vacation rental is by incorporating a diversified marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media, blogging, classified ads, and vacation rental websites. This all falls into a strategy called content marketing.
I've already listed my vacation rental property on various listing sites, but I still don't have enough bookings for the home to pay for itself. What can I do to get more bookings?
Having a dedicated vacation rental website for your property is a great start, responding to inquiries promptly, high quality photos of your property, and an optimized listing using best SEO practices can all increase bookings.
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Power House Marketing Services Custom Tailored To Fit Your Exact Needs

Vacation Rental Marketing Strategies

We employ only the best marketing strategies designed to skyrocket lead generation for your rental website.  These bullet proof methods are guaranteed to get your vacation rental more bookings at an accelerated rate!

Easy Turn-Key Marketing Packages

All-in-one vacation rental marketing packages offer aggressive marketing, higher booking revenue with little work from you.

Best Vacation Rental Websites

Google approved vacation rental websites designed to convert visitors into bonafide bookings… that’s the power of our proprietary website formula.

Experts Do The Heavy Lifting

Our vacation rental experts will do the heavy work for you, making your success feel easy. We’re sort-of-like your vacation rental concierge and business coach all in one.

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  • TripAdvisor - World's Largest Travel Website

    Villa Marketers™ is an industry leading vacation rental marketing service backed by William’s 15+ years experience in sales, online marketing, website design, SEO, writing services and business management

  • Kirby Winfield - CEO of DWELLABLE

    Jay…Awesome work! Big professional pictures, responsive design, elegant positioning: This is what works… We all make more money when the user experience is easy and fun!

  • Heather Bayer – Cottage Blogger

    Jay William, the CEO of Villa Marketers is “one of this industry’s pioneers who is passionate about helping owners and managers create hugely successful businesses.”

  • Darla Brower - Property Owner

    I had been following Jay’s blog on Villa for some time and I had been impressed with his approach and expertise. I decided to give him and his team a try. Jay did an extensive Keyword Analysis, designed a new website for me, and optimized it for Search Engine Visibility. He and his team have been very responsive and have done a great job. My website looks great and its performance on Google has already significantly increased.

  • Robert White - Vacation Rental Owner

    My wife and I bought our new vacation home in The Shire @ West Haven in April 2009. I decided that I wanted to rent it to short term vacationers in the general Orlando / Disney area. I did a web search and found Villa Marketers. After speaking with Jay several times I decided on a service package and now have a beautiful website, e-flyer, virtual tour with narration & music, video tour, business cards, photos to mention a few.

  • Martyn Oliver Multiple Property Owner

    Jay proved from day one the way forward in marketing a holiday villa in the Orlando area. I have always found him friendly and reliable in his work for me. As I look to increase my potfolio in this sector I have no doubt Jay will be assissting me getting the maximum exposure with his wealth of knowledge and ability.

  • Kim Mason – Professional Property Management

    Jay was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We are very happy with the outcome of our new website. We were let down by someone else and are so glad that happened, otherwise we would not have found Jay and got the fantastic website we have! Jay is always on hand to help out with any questions we have. Great job, great service. Thanks so much Jay and your team!

  • Louise Watson – Property Owner

    Having originally sourced my first website from another company, I quickly realised I’d bought the wrong product so set off in search of another company. I came across Villa Marketers, called Jay and had a long chat about my requirements and decided to give it another go with them. From start to finish the process was easy, and I felt they listened to my needs. I now have a website that I am happy with and can finally use.

  • Theodor Palsson Property Owner

    I purchased my condo in Orlando Florida late 2008. I wasn’t sure how or who would be renting it out for us as I’m from Iceland. My realtor made the connection with Villa Marketers for us. I was a little uncertain of how this would all work. But I must say the staff impressed me and has done an excellent job with everything. I was surprised at the rental concept and the service I received all the way through. I had a question they had answer, or at least tried to find one. I ran into a few problems on my own but they came and helped me out every time.

  • Ray & Eileen Gadue

    Villa Marketers has helped us for years with the marketing of our vacation rental. They helped us build a website for our vacation rental and through it we’ve secured thousands in bookings using their marketing services. I am very happy with the service the have provided since June 2009. I would recommend them to anyone who owns a vacation rental and needs to get their place booked.

  • Ray Guenther Property Manager

    Jay, in having chosen to focus on Vacation Rental Marketing, brings not only traditional marketing knowledge to the plate but also industry specific techniques. His narrow focus creates efficiencies that translate into value.



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